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What Should I Consider Now That I’m an Invisalign Wearer?

To make the most of out of your Invisalign treatment, proper care and use is important. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by your dentist and commit to a strict dental hygiene routine to further protect the health of your teeth and gums and avoid any complications.

Once you start wearing Invisalign, you may experience some discomforts – these are expected, and fortunately will go away on their own after some time. You can expect a little speech difficulty and excessive drooling during the early stages, but that’s really just you adjusting to the change. Some lisping may happen as well, but it will get better over time. There will be a bit of soreness at first too because your teeth are being positioned correctly, and because of this, eating could become less enjoyable. Still, this always proves to be just a short-term effect.

Other important things to consider:

To see the best results, follow the schedule for wearing aligner trays. If you keep your aligners on for the necessary number of hours every day, you can change your aligner trays every two weeks.

Continue visiting your dentist once you get Invisalign. You need to see us every four to six weeks for check-ups.

Always keep your Invisalign aligners clean. You may use the Invisalign cleaning system, or brush and rinse the trays in lukewarm water. Don’t ever use toothpaste, however, because it has abrasive ingredients that can actually create build-up and odor. If you don’t feel your aligner trays are properly cleaned by lukewarm water alone, we suggest using a mild soap instead and rinsing your aligners really well.

You may be expected to undergo some diet and lifestyle changes. Your dentist may advise you to give up some things while you’re on treatment. Avoid staining foods and drinks because stain from your teeth can transfer to the aligners. If you’re a big coffee-drinker, you definitely will have to give up the cups of joe that fuel you through the day if you’re wearing Invisalign (unless you’re completely fine with going through (and constantly repeating) the entire process of removing your aligner trays, finishing your coffee quickly, brushing your teeth, and then cleaning your aligners before putting them back on).

Take note of the estimated timeframe of your treatment. Expect that your treatment will be completed according to schedule. However, there are cases wherein treatment has to be extended and extra trays are required. Extended treatments are necessary if you want your teeth to look as perfect as possible. Our commitment is to provide the best results, so instead of focusing on the length of the treatment, we advise directing your attention more on how your teeth look and feel.

If you have more questions about Invisalign which are not covered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the staff at our Fort Worth, TX clinic. Our dentists are more than happy to answer all of your inquiries.



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