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Teeth Whitening - Ft. Worth, TX

A Smile that Dazzles

Custom Whitening for Dull Teeth

Do you ever look at your teeth and feel embarrassed by how dull or stained they look? Or have tried drugstore whitening products with no luck? We have the solution with our custom, professional-grade KöR® and ZOOM!® teeth whitening. No matter how stained or discolored your teeth are, or how they got to be that way, we can help you achieve the dazzling smile you want, without any hassle or discomfort. If you dislike the color of your teeth, choosing our professional teeth whitening in Fort Worth, TX will give you lasting benefits and a smile you’ll love!

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Is Professional Teeth Whitening Better?

Professional teeth whitening, as opposed to drugstore products and natural remedies, will provide you with the longest-lasting and brightest results. If you want a beautifully white smile that lasts for many years, professional-grade whitening is the best option. Drugstore products don’t have the same level of strength as our KöR and ZOOM! products, so they won’t have significant or long-lasting results. Continuous use may even harm your tooth enamel. Similarly, natural remedies like charcoal may provide subtle brightening, but it is often short-lived, and the abrasiveness of the charcoal might also damage your teeth. Professional whitening is better for your teeth, gums, and smile for the following reasons:

Multiple Options for a White Smile

By offering both KöR and ZOOM! teeth whitening, we can give our patients the full range of products that fit within their budgets, lifestyle, and time constraints. You can choose between our 90-minute whitening in-office with ZOOM! or opt for take-home whitening trays and gel with KöR. In every case, we’ll help you choose a shade that looks natural against your smile and skin tone, then make sure the whitening you receive provides these personalized results. Even if you have severely stained or discolored teeth, we’ll have a solution that will improve the brightness of your teeth and give you a beautifully white smile.


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