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Scalpel-Free Laser Therapy

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Do you need soft tissue treatment, but fear it may be painful or you’ll have to endure a long, uncomfortable recovery? We have your solution with laser dentistry in Fort Worth, TX! Using our DEKA diode laser, we can make your treatment and healing time more efficient and comfortable than ever before. Our dentists are specially trained in laser therapy and have the skill to improve your soft tissue health with this minimally invasive treatment. Our laser’s specialized beam of light helps us eliminate bacteria from the teeth and gums, remove unhealthy or excessive gum tissue, or improve the tongue’s function. Best of all, laser dentistry services are much less invasive than conventional methods. You won’t have to worry about sharp dental tools, tooth or gum sensitivity, or a slow recovery after your procedure. Our laser dentistry treatments will provide a pleasant dental experience and many comforting benefits, no matter what soft tissue procedure you need!


How You Benefit from Laser Dentistry

Our Select Laser Therapies



Frenectomy treatments used to involve using a scalpel to loosen the frenulum, the tissue that connects the upper lip and the tongue to the mouth. With our diode laser, we can gently remove this tissue in a matter of minutes, without excessive bleeding or pain during recovery.


Soft tissue recontouring

Traditional treatment for a “gummy” smile meant using a scalpel to reshape the gum tissue from around the crowns. Now, using our diode laser, we can quickly eradicate an excess gum tissue and precisely recontour the gums for a more symmetrical smile.



A gingivectomy using a scalpel involves cutting away the diseased gum tissue to eliminate or reduce the periodontal pocket depth. With our diode laser, we can remove this damaged tissue and burn away the bacteria on and around the teeth to efficiently treat gum disease.



Peri-implantitis is a similar condition to gum disease, where infection caused by bacteria damages the gum tissue and bone surrounding a dental implant. Using our diode laser, we can gently eradicate the diseased tissue and bacteria from the site, without the need for scalpels or incisions in healthy gum tissue.

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