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Enhance Your Natural Smile

Concealing Tooth Imperfections

If one or more of your teeth has a cosmetic issue—it’s chipped, worn down, discolored, slightly crooked, or gapped—we can naturally enhance your smile with porcelain veneers. These restorations are custom-made to fit snuggly over the front portion of your teeth. They conceal imperfections behind the scenes while revealing attractive, straight teeth for you and others to see. We offer traditional, DURAthin®, and Micro-Thin® porcelain veneers in Fort Worth, TX and can help you find confidence in a beautiful, custom-designed smile!

Dr. Green gave me a beautiful, natural smile with veneers.

Subtle Changes Make a Big Difference

Whether you choose traditional, minimal, or no-prep porcelain veneers, you’ll notice that even subtle changes to your tooth shape, color, and size can have dramatic results! In our photo studio, we’ll capture photos of your teeth and you smiling before using them to create a digital mockup of your new smile. Using veneers, we can effectively hide multiple cosmetic issues at once (like crooked and discolored teeth), saving you the hassle of undergoing multiple treatments to get the same outcome. All this is possible due to the expertise of our cosmetic dentists, who have advanced training and years of experience using the latest techniques and materials in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, we’re trained in state-of-the-art CEREC technology, and can often design and mill your veneers in-house to save treatment time. With our dentists leading your care, the results of your porcelain veneer treatment will be personalized to give you a natural and beautiful new smile.

Suffering from enamel hypoplasia, veneers were a great option for me.

Porcelain Veneers - Fort Worth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Our Veneer Options


Traditional Porcelain Veneers

Traditional porcelain veneers treatment involves removing a portion of your tooth enamel and bonding the veneer to the front of this treated tooth. These restorations are custom-designed and color-matched to your existing teeth. Along with natural aesthetics, they’re highly durable and strong, making them a great choice, even for repairing front teeth.


Minimal or Prepless Veneers

DURAthin® and Micro-Thin® porcelain veneers are ideal for patients who don’t have major issues with the shape and size of their teeth and simply want a more symmetrical and attractive smile. DURAthin veneers require minimal preparation of the teeth in most cases, while Micro-Thin veneers generally don’t require tooth enamel to be removed. One of our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Nikki Green, has specialized training and certification in DURAthin and Micro-Thin veneers, using her artistic and technical skills to craft beautiful smiles with these ultra-conservative restorations.

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