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End Tooth Pain with a Root Canal

We don’t ever want our patients to experience tooth pain, so if you find yourself suffering from a toothache, contact us right away. Pain in or around your tooth, especially if it’s chipped or cracked, is almost always a sign that it’s decayed or infected and needs professional treatment. Root canals are the conservative and comfortable way we treat infection in your tooth. Though they have a bad reputation, root canals are actually designed to relieve your tooth pain, not cause more discomfort! Best of all, the goal of our root canals in Fort Worth, TX is to preserve natural teeth so that extraction isn’t necessary. After a short, comfortable procedure, you can be on your way with a healthy, natural smile free from pain and infection!


Signs You Need a Root Canal


Experience Comfortable Treatment

We’ll be sure to make you as comfortable as possible for your root canal therapy. If you’re feeling anxious, we can provide additional sedation like nitrous oxide or oral sedation. During your procedure, we’ll remove the top portion of your tooth before clearing away the infected tooth pulp from the root canals. We’ll then thoroughly disinfect and clean the area before filling these canals with gutta-percha to restore support to the tooth. You’ll most likely need a dental crown after root canal therapy to ensure your tooth remains strong, healthy, and free from infection.

Thanks to our CEREC software and in-office milling technology, we can have a custom-designed dental crown milled during this same appointment! We’ll prepare your tooth, then take digital impressions that are uploaded to our design software. Using our cosmetic expertise, we’ll design your new dental crown and fabricate it in our milling machine. All this occurs while you’re comfortably resting in the chair! Once your crown is milled, we’ll attach it to your treated tooth. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how efficient and comfortable root canals are at our office!

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