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When Snoring Kills Relationships

Don't let snoring affect your current relationshipYou sleep in separate bedrooms or wear earplugs at night. You feel tired, stressed, and irritable every morning. If you or your bedmate snore loudly every night, both of you are likely suffering from sleep deprivation.

This fact has been the topic of articles by The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and The Today Show. Snoring not only harms the snorer’s sleep; it has negative impact on anyone within earshot.

Drs. Green, Leedy, and Lervick want to help you and your loved ones enjoy better sleep, as well as better days. Our Ft. Worth dental office can prescribe an oral appliance to alleviate snoring, and you won’t need a CPAP.

About Sleep Deprivation

Marriage and relationships are hard enough, without a snoring issue. However, snoring poses more of a problem that not sleeping well. Research tells us that sleep deprivation, which is common among loud, chronic snorers and their spouses, comes with a long list of serious, life-changing side effects.

As for your health, sleep deprivation increases your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, mood disorders, obesity, and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Recreation and exercise take a backseat to laying around for the sleep deprived, because they have no energy for physical activities. Lack of exercise contributes to weight gain and declining health. As for social events, if a sleep deprived person gathers the energy to attend a social outing, he may be so irritable and tired that the event is a chore, rather than fun.

At work, feeling exhausted, paired with forgetfulness can lead to workplace accidents, poor production, and low quality. Sometimes, sleep deprivation can make a person fall asleep at times of low activity, like in front of a computer or during a meeting. Irritability is another symptom of sleep deprivation that can cause serious problems at work. In addition, driving a motor vehicle when deprived of sleep can lead to accidents.

In the bedroom, sleep deprivation can contribute to impotence. In addition to feeling irritable, which is not good for a relationship, one partner who snores loudly actually causes sleep deprivation for the people who hear the snoring. So, your partner may be just as cranky and tired as you are. Many couples end up sleeping in separate bedrooms. When both partners suffer from fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and a lack of intimacy, a relationship suffers greatly.

Non-Invasive Snoring Cessation

At FWCFD, our doctors offer a non-invasive treatment for snoring cessation. Wearing a simple oral appliance while sleeping can eliminate your snoring, help you breathe easily during the night, and reduce or eliminate the symptoms of sleep deprivation. The appliance fits comfortably in the mouth. It holds the lower jaw forward, just a bit, so that the air path remains open. The oral sleep appliance is a great option for CPCP intolerant patients and those who travel.

Schedule Your Visit Today

If you snore, or your partner snores, it’s time to put an end to sleep deprivation so that you can both begin enjoying life again. Call Fort Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry today to reserve an appointment with one of our doctors. By asking questions and discussing your symptoms, we can determine whether an oral sleep appliance will benefit you.

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