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What Does a Checkup Involve?

dental checkup

A checkup often seems like a minor procedure. After all, what does a checkup involve? In reality, we use exams as an opportunity to assess the health of your smile and recommend treatment. Having your teeth examined on a regular basis can help ensure a healthy and attractive smile. Find out what an exam at Ft. Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Involves.

 Why Do We Need a Routine Exam?

A dental exam allows a dentist to look for any indicators of developing oral health issues. We may look for the earliest warning signs of gum disease, oral cancer, TMJ disorder, bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching), or cavities. Without treatment, these problems can potentially progress, leading to more serious issues that require extensive and invasive treatment. Instead, we prefer to treat them in the earliest stages or if possible, prevent the onset of a problem altogether. You should have your teeth examined once every six months, whether you are child or an adult

 What Technology Do You Use?

While visual scans by a trained eye can identify developing issues, we also employ advanced technology to catch problems early on. For example, we often use digital x-rays to accurately assess your health and diagnose possible problems. Unlike traditional x-rays, the digital alternative uses up to 80% less radiation and doesn’t require development, meaning we can show you detailed images of your teeth almost immediately. In addition, being able to avoid the chemicals used in the development process means digital x-rays are also an environmentally friendly alternative. We can also use intraoral cameras to created detailed images of your teeth and gums. About the size of a dental mirror, the camera is comfortable and easily takes pictures of every surface of your smile.

 Will My Teeth Also Be Cleaned?

As part of your routine visit we may recommend a dental cleaning. The cleaning allows the team to remove plaque buildup from the teeth, polishing them. The result is a more attractive and clean smile. Patients also experience an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. As with a checkup, you need to have a dental cleaning two times a year at the minimum. If you have high risk factors for gum disease then a cleaning every three or four months may be needed.

Do you want more information on our dental exams and cleanings? Then talk to Dr. Nikki Green or Dr. Ryan Knight about our checkups. Please contact our Fort Worth dental office today to schedule your consultation.

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