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Loose Or Painful Dentures - Ft. Worth, TX

Struggling with Loose Dentures?

How Jawbone Loss Affects Your Smile

If your denture has become increasingly loose and uncomfortable in your mouth, jawbone loss is most likely the culprit. Your jawbone relies on teeth to remain strong and healthy, so if you’ve been missing an entire arch of teeth for some time, your bone has been shrinking in size and density during that time, too. You’re experiencing painful, loose dentures in Fort Worth, TX because they were designed to fit the original contours of your jawbone, but not the size and shape it is now after resorbing. Unfortunately, even if you reline your denture, this resorption process will continue to happen without the presence of natural teeth. Thankfully there is a way to both halt this resorption and provide a more secure, functional smile with dental implants!

How Dental Implants Help

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Secure, Functional, Attractive

Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement, and it’s because they mimic the function of healthy tooth roots. They’ll provide stimulation to your jawbone to keep it from resorbing any further while providing a base onto which we can snap your denture or fix a bridge of natural-looking teeth. If you choose implant supported dentures, we’ll surgically place two or more dental implants into your jawbone. Your denture will be either ball- or bar-retained, with the option to have it easily snap in and out for daily cleaning. This solution improves your denture’s stability so you can eat more foods. Full mouth dental implants, however, are the ultimate in full arch tooth replacement. They consist of a custom-designed bridge of life-like, strong acrylic teeth permanently fixed to four or more dental implants and a titanium bar. This solution restores over 98% of your dental function, so you can improve what you eat, your health, and your quality of life!

Your Experienced Transformation Team

At Fort Worth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, all our dentists have years of training and experience in cosmetic and restorative treatments. Specifically, our dentist Dr. Robert Leedy has spent over 15 years placing dental implants. He’s both an active member of the American College of Oral Implantology and has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in implant dentistry. Utilizing advanced technology, including CBCT imaging and guided implant placement, he and our team of cosmetic dentists are well-qualified to both place and restore dental implants at our Fort Worth, TX office. We’ve helped countless patients in your situation find confidence and health with dental implants! It’s time to put painful, loose dentures in the past!


Stop living with loose dentures.

Experience the permanent benefits of dental implants!