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Look Great in Invisalign Clear Braces!

Until now, wearing braces meant having a mouthful of metal. Treatment required painful adjustments each month, for at least two years. Metal brackets and wires cut into cheeks, and the rubber bands that repositioned the bite were hard to use and uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, all that has changed.

Inserting Invisalign clear braces on teeth

Fort Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is pleased to introduce Invisalign clear braces to patients who need orthodontic treatment. Call our Fort Worth dental office at (817) 737-6601 to set up a consultation with Dr. Nikki Green and let’s start your treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to metal braces, and it features comfortable, clear acrylic aligners that shift teeth gently into alignment. The aligners require no wires or bands and work much faster than traditional braces, with average treatment lasting 12 to 18 months. You can even remove the aligners to eat a meal or clean your teeth. With Invisalign, it’s possible to maintain your mature appearance while straightening your teeth!

Who Should Use Invisalign?

Adults who have issues with an overbite or underbite, or have wide spaces between their teeth, are excellent candidates. Invisalign also addresses malocclusion, which is an improper fit between the upper and lower teeth. Malocclusion can lead to bruxism (teeth grinding) and TMJ disorder. Adults who wore traditional braces in the past and have seen their teeth move out of alignment since then are also considered great patients.

Invisalign clear braces aren’t just for adults. In fact, Invisalign has created a special product just for teens. Invisalign Teen is a unique system that offers the same benefits as the traditional product, while adding a few extras to help keep a teenager on track. Invisalign Teen aligners feature a blue dot that fades as your child wears them. If the blue dot does not fade, you will know your teen is not complying with his or her treatment. The makers of Invisalign also realize that teenagers misplace important items sometimes. That’s why they include six extra aligners — for free! If your child loses his or her aligner, just give us a call and we’ll order a replacement.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Your first appointment will be a consultation with Dr. Nikki Green. You and Dr. Green will discuss what you hope to achieve from treatment, and she will answer any questions you may have regarding Invisalign. Once you and Dr. Green decide that Invisalign is right for you, a second appointment will be scheduled.

The second appointment is when things get exciting. Dr. Green will take digital images of your mouth, then feed them into Invisalign software. The software will design a custom treatment plan, including the number of aligners you need to wear and how long the treatment will last. Length of treatment varies according to the correction needed, but most patients only need 12 to 18 months. During that time, you will wear an average of 20 to 30 different aligners, which need to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day. Your compliance is key to staying on the treatment timeline. If you neglect wearing your aligners 20 to 22 hours a day, treatment will take longer.

Dr. Green will send your custom-made treatment plan to an Invisalign lab, where your entire set of aligners will be made. Once your aligners are delivered to our office, you will come in for a third visit. Dr. Green will provide your first few sets of aligners, as well as instructions for using and taking care of them. After that, you will only need to return every six weeks to receive your next set of aligners and have a quick checkup. Once you have completed treatment, Dr. Green will have a retainer made for you to ensure that your teeth stay in place.

Call Our Office for a Consultation

Fort Worth Cosmetic and Family is ready to help you claim the smile of your dreams. Call our Ft. Worth dental office at (817) 737-6601 to schedule a free consultation about Invisalign clear braces with Dr. Nikki Green today!

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