Implant Dentures for Reliability

Whether you’re becoming a denture patient for the first time or you’re looking for a way to stabilize loose, wobbly, uncomfortable dentures, implant dentures may be right for you. Implant dentures snap in place onto dental implants anchored in the jaw, making them more stable than conventional dentures. If you are interested in learning more […]

Quiz: Discover Your Amazing Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Who has the most attractive smile you’ve seen? Is it a friend or relative? Maybe a movie star or model? People notice a great smile, and those with beautiful smiles feel confident in their appearance. Research tells us that we tend to notice a new acquaintance’s eyes and smile before anything else, and from that, […]

Look Great in Invisalign Clear Braces!

Until now, wearing braces meant having a mouthful of metal. Treatment required painful adjustments each month, for at least two years. Metal brackets and wires cut into cheeks, and the rubber bands that repositioned the bite were hard to use and uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, all that has changed. Fort Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry […]

What to Do for a Cracked Tooth

It can happen at any time.  You bite down on that lunchtime burrito, crunch a piece of ice, or take a sip of that ice cold water, and suddenly a sharp pain shoots from your tooth.  You brush and floss regularly, stay away from sugary sodas, and your last dental checkup showed no cavities, so […]

Top 10 Causes of a Toothache

When the pain of a toothache hits, it hits hard. Pain can range from dull, nagging, and irritating to intense, acute, and debilitating. A tooth might only feel pain when you bite down or with temperature fluctuations. Perhaps you take good care of your teeth and don’t suspect oral pain to be a dental problem. […]

4 Ways an Extraction Can Save Your Smile

We all know that a whole smile is necessary for optimal oral health and appearance. However, in some cases actually removing a tooth is crucial for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. A dental extraction involves carefully removing a tooth with oral surgery. As you will see, there are a number of situations where tooth […]

Dental Treatment and Blood Donation

The Carter Blood Drive is happening soon here in Fort Worth, on August 5th. It will take place at the CBS Radio Station at 4131 N Central Expressway, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX. Donors must be 17 (16 with a parental consent form) and in good health. Donors must also weigh more than 110 pounds. Donating […]

How Does Invisalign Work?

Misalignment not only affects your appearance, but can have a negative impact on your oral health as well. Uneven teeth in some cases increase the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, bruxism, and more. However, metal braces aren’t your only option for correcting alignment issues. For a clear alternative you may enjoy orthodontic […]

5 Restorative Treatments to Improve Oral Health

What happens when your tooth develops a cavity or becomes chipped or even cracked? In order to return your tooth to its former health and function, you will need a dental restoration. With restorative dentistry, the dentist implements procedures designed to restore lost tissue or address an infection or cavity. You then enjoy a lifelike […]

What Does a Checkup Involve?

A checkup often seems like a minor procedure. After all, what does a checkup involve? In reality, we use exams as an opportunity to assess the health of your smile and recommend treatment. Having your teeth examined on a regular basis can help ensure a healthy and attractive smile. Find out what an exam at […]