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4 Ways an Extraction Can Save Your Smile

dental extraction

We all know that a whole smile is necessary for optimal oral health and appearance. However, in some cases actually removing a tooth is crucial for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. A dental extraction involves carefully removing a tooth with oral surgery. As you will see, there are a number of situations where tooth removal is actually the best choice for your smile.

When Removing a Tooth can Save Your Smile

  1. Infection: A dental infection occurs when bacteria reach the inner pulp, the nerve center of your tooth. Bacteria can reach the pulp due to damage or possibly advanced tooth decay. When this occurs the tooth may actually die and require extraction to prevent infection from reaching surrounding teeth or the jawbone tissue. Afterward, we can discuss possible replacement options, such as a dental implant or dental bridge.
  1. Broken Tooth: Typically, a broken tooth can be repaired with a restoration, such as a dental crown or through the use of dental bonding. However, if the damage is severe enough an extraction may be needed to prevent infection. Following removal we may recommend replacing the lost tooth, restoring your smile and avoiding the potential misalignment that often occurs after premature tooth loss.
  1. Wisdom Tooth: Your third molars, or wisdom teeth, erupt in your late teens or during your early 20s. These four additional molars can lead to misalignment, or impaction, which occurs when they only partially erupt. Wisdom teeth may also lead to infection or damage the surrounding teeth. Fortunately, an extraction allows the dentist to remove them before they even erupt. The dentist will use digital x-rays and other technology to see if you have erupting wisdom teeth and decide if they require removal.
  1. Preparing for a Prosthesis: If you are missing most of your teeth and the remaining natural ones are in poor health, the dentist may recommend removal to make room for a set of dentures. Custom-made for esthetics and comfort, the prosthesis can be removable or held in place with dental implants. You can then enjoy a whole smile again, which means being able to eat and speak without difficulty.

Do you want to learn more about removing infected or impacted teeth? Then talk to Dr. Nikki Green or Dr. Ryan Knight about improving the function and health of your smile with clear braces. Please contact our Fort Worth dental office today to schedule your consultation.

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