When Snoring Kills Relationships

You sleep in separate bedrooms or wear earplugs at night. You feel tired, stressed, and irritable every morning. If you or your bedmate snore loudly every night, both of you are likely suffering from sleep deprivation. This fact has been the topic of articles by The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and The Today Show. Snoring […]

Sedation Helps with Dental Anxiety

Do you reschedule, postpone, and ultimately cancel dental appointments, because you dislike visiting the dentist’s office? For many people, a negative experience in a dental office results in a natural desire to avoid future visits. Others dislike having a dentist’s hands in their mouth, or relinquishing control to the dental team so that they can […]

Relief for Chronic Jaw Pain

If your jaw and mouth hurt constantly, for no obvious reason, you may suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction, often called TMJ or TMD. Drs. Green, Leedy, and Lervick offer a simple, non-invasive appliance to relieve chronic jaw pain caused by TMJ disorder. The oral guard also prevents nighttime teeth grinding, a common destructive habit in […]